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This is the beginnings of a book I'm writing, so if you can read it that'd be great. Please tell me if it needs work ^_^
I'll write other entries after each chapter so please don't judge the lengths.

Chapter 1
    There's shouting outside. The guard is demanding for a person to leave. The person threatens the guard Even if the person did get past, there's no way of breaking the prison, it's impenetrable... "Impenetrable," echoed through my head. "Impenetrable... can not be broken into... can't be broken into from the outside," I thought. I got up and stretched my body and prepared for my freedom.
    As a fight broke out outside of the cell, it seemed like the perfect time to escape. After thinking through my plan, I tore a strip of my shirt off and began to blindfold myself. After that I breathed in slowly and began focusing on the air above my right palm. "It seems that they stopped. Not too much time's left," I thought. Then following a loud bang on a side of the cell, a shout called for me.
    Feeling ready a said with a raspy voice, "Coop up the Prince of Darkness in a cell with no light. Smart" Then I threw my hand down to the floor and released the energy I had built up. The cell imploded making the walls fl. I felt a long needed joy from the air that swooshed on my skin and through my hair, but it was immediately followed by burning sunlight. I embraced this pain because it meant I was free.
   Shortly after the blast, I collapsed. But before I hit the ground I was caught. I could tell the person who embraced me was female because her breast was against my shoulder. I could also tell that she was in tears , but I didn't know why. I cleared the tears off her cheek and wondered who it was. I then found out after she said one word through her sobs. "Ume!"
    She soon stopped crying and then put her hand on the back of my head where the blindfold's knot was. As she began to untie it, I stopped her knowing the light would blind me. "I know your smarter than that. You do know that only sudden light will. Here, I'll even shade your eyes a bit," she said, but I still wanted the blindfold on even though, I trust her judge meant.
I let her take it off and she said, "C'mon Ume. You don't even trust your own sister? Open your eyes." As I did, the light was a piercing spear as it made its way to my eyes. My eyes soon adjusted, then I finally noticed where we were.

    The Middle of Nowhere.

    Looking at my shocked face, my twin sister Espio, began to heal my cuts from the shrapnel that flew. "So that's how you're gonna be?" she began, "Not even say hi to your sister, who you haven't even seen in years may I add," she said with a cute grumpish tone. I opened my mouth to speak but then quickly closed it after remembering that I couldn't. Once realizing that I couldn't Espio said. "Just tell me where it hurts." After an annoyed look I pointed to my throat. "Have I ever told you how cute your eyes look?" she said healing my throat. "If I could, I would just love to get lost into those black eyes of yours. I swear they are very pretty." "Um...Thanks, but why would you complement my eyes like that, they're just eyes." I said, surprised of even my own voice. After a moment I thought about what had just happened. I exclaimed "How can I be such an idiot!" Espio looked at me shocked and with a blank expression. Shortly after she giggled and said, "Why do you say that?" My answer was nearly as harsh as my statement, "Because I didn't think of blowing through the inside before!" Espio looked at me like I was a true idiot. "You do realize that the container was made to seal your powers right?" I looked at her puzzled. "They knew you'd break out sooner or later Dummy," she said with a smile.
    "You ready to go?" she said. "Sure," I replied. "But first, do you know where we are?" I asked. Espio said that we were in the Ruins of Al Verdec. She also said that the container was built here because of the sealing magic that was discovered here. They then used a special type of stone that was deemed unbreakable normal circumstances and carve it with runes from the studies of Al Verdec. Although they knew of my power as a prince of the Great King Eevolion, the people demanded my separation society. "Now since you know why you were sent here, can we go now?" Espio said impatiently.

                            END OF CHAPTER 1


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